5TH Annual Young Producers Event

Join us for our 5TH Annual Young Producers Event!

Of all vocations, agriculture has to be one of the most challenging to be a part of. There are the usual trials which face producers: volatile markets, weather, capital needs, new technology, the distance to move livestock/commodities, just to name a few. Over the past several years as the industry has been successful we have seen many young people remain on/or return to area farms and ranches. Your co-op’s mission statement reads as follows: Farmers Ranchers Co-op is committed to being a business partner with our patrons, efficiently providing products, services and expertise that enhance the profitability of our member owners. As we consider our mission and this new generation of producers we realize the importance of providing an opportunity for people to interact with their peers.

This event will be held on January 3rd in Ainsworth. We are inviting people the age of 45 and under, who consider agriculture their way of life to attend. For more details or to RSVP please call (402) 387-2811.
YPP 2019